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Aluminium Can Jewellery

7 Juin 2013, 09:58am

Publié par Mauri


I had never heard of this type jewellery until I received a book from a very dear creative friend
written by Helen Harle 
These were made of a colorfoul can of iced tea - punched some flowers, twisted them
added some beads and earring bits...Aluminium-Bijoux-earrings-1a.jpg


Made specially for a lovely young girl <3Aluminium-Bijoux-earrings-2a.jpg

These were made out of a diet drink can - I used the black bits on it to make a longer model

I enjoyed making these and have some other pending proyects I will share later...

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Mauri Cita 27/09/2014 12:06

Indeed! It wa an easy material to work with - loved the effect with punches and looking forward to do some more stuff with dies - Thanks ;-)

miscarriage 25/09/2014 09:55

Aluminum cans into necklaces and bracelets? Wow! That is quite unbelievable! Well, I guess it can add humor and color to almost any outfit. It was interesting to note that almost any part of a can be turned into jewelry.