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Book markers - Marque pages

6 Juillet 2011, 09:26am

Publié par Mauri


Every year at this time of the year we say goodbye to people that are close to us...

This year we are saying goodbye to members of a real gang for my youngest sons' class

So sad and hard…


These kids are all great readers and I decided to make them each a book marker

with a great collection of papers made by  Marie Nicolas Alliot Nature En Plein Air,
Paper with star - Ascension Fulgurante  collection Une âme de Rock Star by Lililali and Vinnie.


I had a lot of fun cutting the papers - Tags from Les Dizos Rigolos,
Clear stamps Tampo[Maniak] Une âme de Rock Star, En plein Air, Jardin Anglais,
Alphabets Les Quads

DT Infocrea

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